User features


                 Using Geek Office you can Maintain Customer Contacts, Supplier Contacts and Employee Contacts easily.

                 Using built in search you can easily filter the contacts by city, name or phone number.

 Work on any platform

                 Your Geek Office has been developed using PHP,MySQL - based on LAMPP/XAMPP.

                 You can share this app in your LAN, WAN and on any platform Windows, Linux ,Mac.

 Multi User Accounts

                 You can create multiuser accounts.

                 Sales Manager can use sales screen which is specially designed to access customer contacts,stock availablity,service records and sales.

 Manage your Stock easily

                 Using Geek Office you can easily categorize your stocks effectively for eg: hp printer comes under printers or hardware.

                 You can use the dashboard to see the total stocks, sales,etc...

 Manage all your Transactions effectively

                 Now you can easily maintain all your transactions like your purchases,outstandings,sales and customer outstandings.